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Our product ensures maximum performance by 100% origin truck tire source. 

The best continuous floor needs the best foundation , we can supply the grain size you prefer.

The proportion of natural rubber present in truck tires, compared to other types of granules, increases the performance of the elastic layer. 

Beside sports surfaces, our granules are used in many different products: tiles, slabs, coatings, moulded products … 

The future is already here with the addition of powder rubber to asphalt mixtures. 





SOLODEGOMA is a trademark of the company INDUSTRIAS DEL NEUMÁTICO S.A.U.. Company that manufactures, markets and distributes top quality rubber granulates. Our product is made from recycled truck tires out of use (NFU) which are not suitable to be retreaded.

At our facilities, based in Aspe (Alicante) and conveniently located near three different ports (Alicante, Cartagena and Valencia), we have all the technology and equipment needed to produce diverse sizes of rubber granules free of textiles and metal impurities from shredded truck tires.

Given the nature of our business, SOLODEGOMA plays a key role as an ecological alternative in Grupo Soledad, thus closing the circle of life of the tire out of use while helping to maintain and respect the environment.


                                                                                        Industrias del Neumático S.A.U. -  Ctra. Aspe - Novelda Nº 38, 03680, Aspe, SPAIN.Teléfono: (34) 965 495 967

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